Lazer Lamps Zubehör - CAN-Bus interface, mit Kabelsatz

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Artikelnr. CAN-LZR
• Detecting vehicle High Beam and Side/Position Light signal
• If 12V signal can not be detected at the back of the headlamp
• Supplied with dedicated wiring kit
• Vehicle specific install guides available via CanM8 app
• Compatible with Lazer CAN Contactless Reader
• For more information check videos
• Made in UK


• The Lazer CAN bus Interface provides an effective solution for detecting both High Beam and Side/Position Light activity, where it is not possible to detect a 12v signal at the back of the standard headlamps.

• The interface, developed in partnership with UK manufacturer CanM8, can identify both High Beam and Side/Position Light outputs, making it the perfect solution for all Lazer E-mark approved LED spotlights. Each interface comes supplied with a dedicated wiring kit for simplified installation, as well as compatibility with our Contactless Reader which avoids the need for metal-to-metal connection to the vehicle's CAN-Hi and CAN-Lo wires.

• The interface incorporates a multi-function miniature status LED, which indicates correct connection to the CAN system, CAN activity present and confirmation that the CAN identity has been recognised.

• Purchase of the Lazer CAN bus Interface will permit access to vehicle specific installation guides, available to download from the CanM8 app