TJM Winden Zubehör Satz, XL

309,00 € + MwSt ( 392,43 € )
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• 2 pcs 16x19mm bow shackles
• 4.000 kg winch extension strap 20m length
• 8.000 kg snatch block
• 8.000 kg snatch strap 9m length
• 8.000 kg tree trunk protector 3m length
• Heavy duty leather gloves
• Safety blanket
• Travel bag


TJM Recovery kit, XL:

Every off-road situation is unique. The right equipment and a well thought out plan are the key ingredients to successful vehicle recoveries.
Designed by engineers and manufactured to the highest standards, TJM recovery equipments gets you out of trouble. Should you become bogged, stuck or immobile, TJM recovery gear becomes your backup plan to ensure you can continue your journey.