TJM Baumschutzgurt 8.000 kg

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TJM Recovery Gear Back Pack
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Artikelnr. 867TJMTREE8T
• 8.000 kg tension
• 3 m length, 7,5 cm width
• High Tenacity Nylon Webbing
• Neoprene protectors to prevent any damage on the tree
• Reinforced Eyes
• Thermofixed for Long Wear


TJM Tree trunk protector:

If you are winching or anchoring to a tree, the TJM tree trunk protector can protect both the tree from ring barking and your winch cable from unnecessary wear. This protector strap is 3m long, rated at 8.000 kg and comes with reinforced eyelets on both ends and dual neoprene protective sleeves. It makes an easy anchor point for winching.