TJM Prime Winde 12000LB - Synthetik Seil

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Artikelnr. 947TJMPR12D
• Also available with synthetic and steel ropes
• Single Line Rated Pull 5445 kg
• Fast line speed
• Ultra low current draw
• 3-stage planetary gear train
• Synthetic, anti-corrosion rope
• Anti-corrosive aluminium tie bars
• Automatic load holding brake
• IP67 (waterproof) winch body
• CE certified


Technical data:

Overall Dimensions: 543x161x205 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Cable Size: 9.5 mm / 28 m
Motor: 12 Volt DC, input power 4.9 HP (3.6 KW)
Reduction: 210:1

A TJM winch is the essential risk management tool when venturing to remote locations and upping the stakes of your 4WD adventure. TJM’s range of new generation Torq winches now have even more power for increased line speed and faster recovery. And there’s a TJM Torq winch that’ll fit most 4WD vehicles. Steep inclines and muddy conditions are problematic and adding a second vehicle to the dilemma doesn’t help anybody.

Compared to the TJM Torq winches this model does not have wireless remote control and manual isolation switch.

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