Lazer Lamps Triple-R 24 Elite LED Fernscheinwerfer - Hohe Reichweite

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Artikelnr. 00R24-G2-EL-B
• Highly efficient LED technologies (upgraded for 2021)
• Ultra-reflective vacuum-metallised optics deliver perfectly tuned beam pattern
• Contemporary lamp design
• Includes versatile ‘Centre Mount’ mounting system plus side mounting brackets (1118K)
• Aero design benefits low wind noise performance
• CAE optimised heatsink offers improved thermal dynamics
• Anodised pre-treatment and Automotive grade powder top-coat for ultimate corrosion and chemical protection
• Electronic thermal management
• ‘Unbreakable’ and hardcoated polycarbonate lens
• IP67 watertight
• 5-year warranty
• Vehicle wiring kit included (1L-HP-300)
• Designed & manufactured in Britain


Responsive image• Upgraded for 2020/21, the Triple-R 24 has been given Elite level performance through the adoption of a combination of the latest high efficiency LED technologies and modified optics, used to deliver more distance illumination and more left/right spread of light. Borne out of extensive testing at the highest levels of professional track and rally motorsport, the Triple-R Elite represents the pinnacle of LED driving light technology. Subtle styling updates have resulted in a clean contemporary design, with a more aggressive edge, to match the aesthetic design prevalent on modern vehicles.

• Boasting 27,060 lumen, delivering 1 lux to 1176m, the next generation of Triple-R 24 Elite delivers incredible distance illumination. Still it is through the improved left/right spread of light that this market leading driving light really impresses. A combination of LEDs on the outer reflectors delivers the superior visibility at the sides of the road, which is really evident to see and appreciate. At the same time the up/down spread of light has been flattened, which considering the typical mounting position of the lamp, is preferable to ensure a clean distribution of light in front of your vehicle, and also reducing glare which can otherwise come from some roof mount installs.

• Ultimately, the benefits are a safer more relaxing night driving experience. It’s nothing less than you would expect from the very best in-house UK design, engineering, and manufacture to ensure all component parts combine to produce a perfectly homogenous beam pattern without flat spots, and with a colour of light, at 5000k, which ensures perfect definition of any obstacles ahead, whilst ensuring a comfortable drive even over prolonged periods of time. Additional benefits are had from a modified design to the aluminium housing, which has improved wind noise performance which in the past might otherwise have occurred with some roof mount installations.

• The exceptional design of the Triple-R range is complemented by a superior build quality, borne out of our in-house UK manufacture, and backed up by our comprehensive 5year warranty. A fully aluminium enclosure, advanced silicon Gore-Tex breather membrane, and polycarbonate lens (with lifetime guarantee), are just some features which ensure the lamp is best suited to even the toughest environments.

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What's included:

• x1 Triple-R 24 Elite LED Lamp
• x3 Centre Mount (1114k)
• x1 Side Bracket Kit (1118k)
• x1 Single-Lamp Wiring Kit with Switch (1L-HP-300)
• x1 Wiring and Installation Instructions

Technical data:
Voltage Range 10-32V
LED Life 50,000 hours
Weight 4.14 kg
High beam function
Total Luminous Flux 27060 Lm
Colour Temperature 5000k
Number of High Output LEDs 24
Power Consumption 312 Watts
Current Draw (at 14.4V) 21.7 Amps
High Beam Not certified
E-Mark Ref Not certified
Width 1125 mm
Depth 105 mm
Height 73 mm
Photometric data
0.25 lx Line 2352 metres
0.5 lx Line 1663 metres
1 lx Line 1176 metres
3 lx Line 679 metres
Beam spread
Horizontal 30 degree spread
Vertical 15 degree spread